"Metropolitan Futures - Living Learning Creating Moving" - International Conference Sept 2010 in Berlin

The Capital Region Berlin Brandenburg hosted an international conference on future issues of European metropolitan development from 15th - 17th September 2010.
Under the patronage of Berlin and Brandenburg, two major European players, the METREX Network of European Metropolitan Regions and the SCANDRIA EU-Project on the Trans-European Scandinavian-Adriatic-Corridor, have invited high level speakers and guests to Berlin, Potsdam and the Region.
The task of Planergemeinschaft was the conceptual design of the conference program as well as recruiting and attending speakers and working groups, arranging excursions and preparing documentation materials.


Metropolitan Futures - Living Learning Creating Moving
Hedwig Dylong, Prof. Ursula Flecken, Anja Kneiding, Prof. Urs Kohlbrenner, Peggy Mosch
Joint Spatial Planning Department of Berlin and Brandenburg
Capital Region Berlin Brandenburg
since March 2010